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Compound v/s Isolation Exercises

Exercise Science
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Every resistance training exercise can be categorized into compound and isolation movement. Let’s understand about difference between the two and their significance Compound Movements: • Involve action at multiple joints: Compound movements are those which involves multiple joint actions. For example, bench press. It involves movement at elbow joint and shoulder joint. Squats, oevrhead press, lat pulldwn are some other examples. • Mimic the natural joint action: Sit on a chair and stand again. Yes that’s squats. Lift a bucket off the groud. Yes, you just did a deadlift. The compound exercises that you do in gym, incvolve similar movements that you do in your daily life. • Better hypertrophy and strength: Compound movements build muscles and result in greater strength gains since you can lift more weight in these exercises. Moreover, training more muscles at a given time allows you to perform greater training volume in a time efficent manner. Isolation Movements: • Involve action at single joint: e.g. Leg curls involve the movement only at the knee joint. This also includes exercises like bicep curls, pectoral fly etc. are some other examples • Ideal for weak part training: Isolation movements hold their own importance in resistance training and in fact, can even be more beneficial in certain situations. While training multiple groups, one part can lag behind the others. For example, if my shoulder is strong and tricep is weaker as compared to it, my shoulder will bear more load during the bench press and tricep will become even more weak. So adding exercises specifiaclly focusing on triceps can help me in promoting optimal growth. • Training when injured: Some injuries can make it difficult to perform certain compound movements .That doesn’t mean you can’t gain muscles. Isolation movements are again helpful in getting bigger. Akshita Arora, Nutrition Coach @SQUATS Faculty @INFS #exercisescience #knowledge #training #nutrition #nutritioncoach #squatsdotin #INFS #compoundexercises #isolationexercises
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