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Complete Body Home Workout Series-Part 1(Day 1 & 4: Back + Biceps + Abs)

Exercise Science
Level: Beginners & Intermediates

Equipment used: Water Bottle or Dumbbells NO MORE BELOW EXCUSES: •I want to work out, but I don't have Dumbbells / Resistance band at home. •Bodyweight workouts are not my cup of tea. This Home Workout is designed for: 1. Beginners & Intermediates with goal of fat loss, muscle gain or retention. 2. All age and gender people can follow it. 3. All exercises are done using water bottles, but same workout plan can be done using dumbbells also. Introduction to workout plan: This is 6 days Home Workout plan, with training frequency for each muscle group twice per week. Workout split for the week will be as followed: Day 1 & 4: Back + Biceps + Abs Day 2 & 5: Chest + Shoulder + Triceps Day 3 & 6: Legs + Abs Day 7: Rest Day Day 1& 4: Back + Biceps + Abs Please see attached video for training routine. Repetition range: AMARP: As Max Repetitions As Possible. Max -2 : Two repetitions less than maximum repetitions you can perform in that set. Rest time: Rest after each set till your breathing becomes normal. Important points: 1.If you are not comfortable with any exercise, Google "Alternative to XX exercise" and do that. 2.If you find any exercise very difficult to do, Google "Progression of XX exercise" and do that. 3.To learn proper form of any exercise, search name of that exercise on YouTube. To get results from any workout program, PROGRESSIVE LOADING is very important. Hence every week or two (if your recovery is good), change any one parameter from below in your workout program: 1. Increase repetitions: Try doing 1-2 repetitions more than you did last in last session. If repetations in each set is going above 30, consider increasing load. 2. Increase load: By using heavier water bottle/dumbbell. Fill same water bottle with denser material ex. sand instead of water. 3. Increase number of sets: If you can't increase any one of above two, then increase number of sets. Nutrition (Other half of puzzle): 1.Calories burned during any workout is maximum 200-300 which is equivalent to one Samosa. 2.Weight loss or weight gain is equally dictated by your daily and weekly calorie intake. Hence to get results, eating as per your goal is must along with workout : •For fat loss: eat 300 to 500 less than maintenance calories. •For muscle gain: eat 100-200 calories more than maintenance calories. •For maintaining weight: eat at maintenance. 3.Macronutrient distribution can be as follows: •Protein: 1.6 to 2.2 g/kg lean body mass •Fats: Minimum 0.5g/kg ,maximum as per your preference •Carbohydrates: Rest of calories 4.If you are consuming less calories for long period of time metabolic adaptation / plateau will happen. To avoid it: •change calories every 7-10 days as per progress in week. •Take diet breaks (eating at maintenance) every 4-6 weeks. Lifestyle changes for optimal results: 1.Sleep at least 7-8 hours for optimal recovery. 2.Water intake 4-5 liters daily. 3.Minimum 200g of green vegetables in day. 4.Keep mental stress under control. 5.Try hitting 5000-10000 steps in a day. 6.Consistency and adherence to the workout and diet plan is most important to get results. Bookmark this post for next two days training routine. Let me know if you have any question. #homeworkout #noexcuse #fittr

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