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Comeback After Injury

Injury prevention & Rehab
Training Tips:INFS faculty Anshul Dhamande shares information on Comeback after Injury.

Injuries are an athletes worst nightmare! It takes away the thing that they love doing the most - TRAINING! But do you lose all your progress when you are off training? Yes and No. You do lose strength and muscles if the gap between training is long but the Myonuclei are still in the same number even if the size of the muscle fiber is reduced. Body adapts to an activity that’s performed repeatedly constantly. When you restart training after of gap of extended period, you gain the lost strength and even muscle quicker. This is called as Muscle Memory. #infs #injurymanagement #trainingtips #gymtips #resistancetraining

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is it applicable for back injury.. ihave sleep disc problem having foot drop too. i love my workout but .. now its difficult for me to walk...

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