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Clarity is power!

For you to be successful in any aspect of your life whether it is relationship, money, career, fitness, ANYTHING! you need to have clarity about your goals. The reason successful people achieve their goals is because they have that sense of clarity in their minds about what is it that they want! The reason Steve Jobs was successful in his quest of creating a palm-size computer that was capable of doing the work of computer and a telephone was that he was clear about what he wanted to create. And we all know what happened with his clarity. He created a device that could be operated using your thumb holding in one hand and was capable of completing tasks that were supposed to be done on a 4 x 4 cardboard box sized machine. Another example, now, this one is where I get my inspiration from and is close to my heart, Jitendra Chouksey Sir, the reason that he is successful today providing 100s of jobs in the industry who no one ever would’ve thought was capable of doing this good is because of his clarity since day one, which was to make 50 million people fit and do no matter what’s required in achieving that goal. 

 You see, these are just two examples, but in practicality, you can relate this to all the most successful minds of all time, whether if it’s Sir Henry Ford, Bill Gates, Mukesh Ambani, PM Modi….this list goes on. However, having that clarity of what you want to achieve and where you want to be is just the beginning of it. The first step is when you decide to take some actions to start your grind, your chase, your hustle, whatever you may call it. But the reason all of us don’t make it to the hall of fame is because of our fear of FAILURE!  
 But but but, what you don’t realize is that you won’t fail unless you try. 
 Now, some of you might say “I tried but I failed and then I stopped.” Maybe, this happened because of your commitments. Your commitments towards your family, relationship, personal goals, etc. 
 Then, some of you might even say that “I tried not once, not twice, but thrice and I failed again and again. What do you say about that?’” My reply to those who failed multiple times is to find the reason for your failure. Don’t just keep repeating the same mistakes that lead to failure. The reason you failed the first time will be the same reason for your failure again. 
 The key is to improvise each time and use a different variable in the equations for a new outcome. Mathematics tells us that 1+1 will always become 2, Not 11 unless you add 9 more to it.  
 Now, Because I’m here to motivate you to start your fitness journey I will relate this concept with what happens when you try to get fit. 
 You don’t have the clarity of what is your end fitness goal. It can be either to look good, or to fit in a particular piece of clothing, or to be able to feel proud of yourself when you stand butt naked in front of any mirror or staying disease-free. Even if you have clarity, you don’t have the guts to take action. You know the reason you want to be fit but you’re scared mama’s boy. You’re scared of what people might think of you! You are scared of your age! You are scared of your commitments that you might have to make!  So, you took some action but you failed. Now you are scared of doing it again because you know what it takes. You know the reason for your failure but you don’t want to change. 
 Now, If you improvise, find the reason for your failure, add other variables in the equation, then it will result in success!  Until that day, keep trying, keep grinding!  
 Cheers! Yash

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