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CLA: the truth!

Supplements: Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) 🔥🔥

======================================= CLA is a very popular supplement amongst personal trainers and gym owners who sell it to people in need of immediate fat loss results. Well, here’s the truth. Its USELESS! If your diet and workout is on point then there is no point in taking/buying/spending money on these supplements. Myth about CLA ============= > Aids in quick fat loss ❌ > Increases fat oxidization to a great extent ❌ Truth ==== Its a money making a supplement for the supplement industry!! 🤑🤑 Rest of the details are in the post above 👆👆 Got Questions? Comment below! 👇👇 Yash Kaushik Nutrition Consultant @ SQUATS Faculty, INFS
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