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Fitness Myths

When it comes to fat loss, proper quantified nutrition with a calorie deficit and resistance training is the real key, instead of the latest expensive fad diets sold on the internet. Often people start their fitness journey by attempting various different diets shown on the internet, without knowing their lifestyle and eventually when it doesn't work, they get demotivated and lose their focus and again start searching for some new latest diet with maximum views on the internet. If you observe carefully all these diets have the same things in common : 1. It is a very low-calorie diet. 2. It forces you to ban and eliminate foods that you enjoy. 3. They don't teach you the basics of nutrition. 4. They don't allow you to make smart choices. So what to do? Here's the conclusion, 1. Understand the basics of nutrition. 2. Understand your own lifestyle, schedule, goals and start with the plan. 3. Always remember Calorie deficit with resistance training is the key to fat loss. 4. Keep a proper track of your progress every 7-10 days and keep proceeding with your journey. 5. Understand that just weighing scale is not the marker of your progress, there's lot more than that like your body composition, inches, visible difference, strength, endurance so just track every factor. 6. It's good to know about the new diets on the internet but don't follow it blindly, understand the science behind it, research about it and then you can give a try. So how many of you have tried random diets from internet and failed? I have failed many times 😂

Shwetha Pakhre

I put on more dieting😂😂

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