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Choosing The Right Running Shoes

Exercise Science
Run To Finish - SQUATS Expert Alka Rao Yadav shares some tips on choosing the right shoes for running.

While most of us are not professional athlete and we enjoy our preferred sports on casual basis , this doesn’t mean that we overlook the importance of having the right type of footwear . The truth is that if you don’t have the right type of footwear , you could put yourself at risk of getting injured . So shoes are significant to your feet , your feet are always hitting ground hard while walking or jumping this may cause lot of wear and tear in the foot tendon and ligament as well as bones owing to shock absorption. Selection of right shoes is as important as selection of your life partner ☺ , in recent times this has evolved a lot , you even find devices that measures your foot pressure points and basis that recommends you right shoe. Right shoes gives you stability , better grip , correct posture , cushioning , support & comfort . In fact happy and healthy feet are the very foundation of good running / exercising , different shoes for different activity is always advised by experts, depending on the sport you are playing and the type of movements that are involved like most basketball players wears high top shoes because high top show provides them with added ankle support , similarly different specification for badminton , different for football etc. Running shoes are subdivided into three main categories: 1. Motion control shoes : Motion control footwear emphasis medial ( inside support) support by having duel density mid soles , roll bars or footbridge . This medial support slows the rate of over pronation ( is the way the foot rolls inward when you walk and run . It’s part of the natural movement that helps the lower leg deals with the shock) . 2.3. Stability Shoes: Stability footwear combines cushioning features and support feature into its design. Cushioning Shoes: Cushioned footwear emphasizes enhanced shock dispersion in its mid sole and/or out sole design . Many shoes companies add material to the heel and forefoot area to enhance the cushioning property of the shoe i.e air, gel, hydro flow etc. #runningshoes #runningtips

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