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In the initial years of life, say twenties, we do see men play or occasionally visit a gym on weekends or after office hours. However, weekend binge-eating, drinks, parties, ruin everything. Married men attain a special kind of “nirvana” I guess of not needing any more effort to stay in shape, because “ladki pat chuki, now I can blissfully stay fat all life”. No need of impressing anyone else. Yes a good-looking wife who herself is fit can give a undercurrent of competition each time a man comes closer to her and compliments. Isn’t it much easier to stay fittr yourself and ward off those evil eyes yourself? Lol.

High blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, all these are linked to lifestyle disorders. The biggest lie we tell ourselves is when we say we have time. We do not. Start today! Carpe diem FOOD: Quantified nutrition… why? Because there is no way, you can eye ball every single day and assume how much calories you are putting in side mouth. Office and team lunches happen over gossip and there is every chance or reason to over eat and then sit next 4 hours in front of the computer feeling over bloated. Cigarettes and alcohol will do no good for you. See it like this, you can drive at 100, but you have to drive at 80 for the traffic, now you again stop for petrol or flat tire every one kilometer, you will just be further slowed down. If you start strength training, smoker’s lungs will find it hard to do weight train and keep up well with the breathing pattern. Alcohol itself is the fourth macronutrient. It stops the body from continuing all other digestive procedures and concentrate only on alcohol breaking down, leading to further speed bumpers on your digestive racetrack. Chuck them all! Some do it slower, some go cold turkey, see what works for you and just do it man! TRAINING: if you a complete beginner, who have never seen the insides of a gym and feel intimidated or claustrophobic, start home workouts. Buy basic dumbbells and resistance bands, there are tons of workout videos in our own Fittr app, and YouTube. Just devote some time and do it. Still not getting kick? Not the workout kind of person? Make a circle of friends and go out to the colony playground and play. Alternatively, join some professional classes like squash, tennis, karate and start doing it. You are the outdoorsy kinds, and mornings make you happy, wear your sports shoes and just go out every morning for a run, do it for 21 days or more until it becomes a habit. Motivation gets you started, habit gets you going. You don’t say I do not have time to go to loo, brush your teeth, or change clothes right? That is “ingrained” into your system. Same way do the workout part. One hour in a day is just 4% of 24 hours. Do not tell me you cannot give yourself 4% of daily time. Nevertheless, weight training above all other forms… why? Because when you do strength training, even at rest your body constantly burns calories, unlike other physical forms of activity. However, something is definitely better than nothing. WATER: so you can drink two bottles of beer in one hour in the weekend but don’t get time to finish two liters of water a day? Our bodies are made up of 70% water. Minimum water requirement of a male is 3 liters a day. Moreover, I have personally known people who do not even finish one liter a day. Include green teas, black coffee, infused waters, nimbu pani with sugarless sweeteners, and keep sipping water through day. Its summer, your body will get dehydrated otherwise, and it will show in your appetite, cognitive skills, attitude, temper everything. Every time you go to pee, after coming back drink a glass. That ways it will keep your body refueled. Download water drinking app reminders if you feel that will do any good. SLEEP: most of our sleep patterns get disturbed because of lack of physical activity. Our body do not get enough tired to feel like shutting down. Adding to the woes are the constant need to peep in social media accounts, parallel running of fingers through face book, insta watsapp etc, that disturbs our brain to relax and fall asleep. Make another habit of switching off data from phones or other devices, at least half an hour before going to bed. Talk with a family member, read a book or newspaper, listen to your favorite songs, or play binaural beats to help you transition into a dream world sooner. Eye mask, dark room… do whatever, just remember less sleep = weight gain! Now you decide… STRESS: who doesn’t have stress in today’s life? From job requirements, to parents ailing health, to property disputes, to marital issues, even children and college goers face huge amounts of stress in today’s world. However, stress releases cortisol a hormone that makes us fatter. So additionally “how do I get slim” stress is added on, and this cycle continues. Sometimes just, let things be, or flow with the flow. Ask yourself if this matter will mean anything 5 years down the line… if yes, work on it. If NO, then just get over it.

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