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Chhote Sharma Ji prefers Scotch with water because Coke has extra calories🥃🥃

So what's the plan for Friday Night?

Do you know alcohol has calories that cannot be adjusted with any of the macros? Do you feel dehydrated the next day? Do you know alcohol affects your muscle gains? First thing first, I am not asking you to leave alcohol completely. Fortunately or unfortunately, it has become an important part of our social gatherings and corporate parties. So obviously at times, you have to take a drink or two. But this article is for those who prefer alcohol over a healthy lifestyle. Do you know the calories alcohol have? So like your fat has 9 cal and carbs/ protein have 4 cal/gm, similarly alcohol has 7 cal/gm and unfortunately, these are empty calories which cannot be adjusted against any macros. It doesn't provide any nutritional value. If you are the one who prefers cocktails, imagine the number of syrups and sweeteners that are added into your drink and the spike in calories. Even if you drink your scotch with water or on the rocks, 30 ml of it contains 70 calories, empty calories to be precise. What about the water loss after alcohol intake? You do get dehydrated after a few drinks for the simple reason that it acts as a diuretic and it pushes water outside your body. It disturbs your electrolyte balance and thus delays the muscle recovery as well. Moreover, our body can not digest alcohol. So it tries to throw it out of our system. That not only affects our bowel movements but also affects the absorption of other macro and micronutrients in the body. Research has shown that alcohol intake can reduce the body's ability to absorb nutrients such as vitamin B12 and folate. What about the food that you eat along with your drinks? Do you know how much calories peanuts have? Your 100 gms of peanuts contains almost 600 calories. Have you ever controlled the potion of peanuts while drinking? So calculate yourself the number of calories you are consuming while drinking. I always talk with an example. I have a close friend of mine who use to drink at least a bottle of scotch in a weeks time. 6 months ago he decided to switch off this lifestyle for his family when he was diagnosed with High BP and cholesterol. He prepared his diet chart and started following Quantified nutrition and resistance training routine. Initial days were obviously hard but his commitment to results was much stronger These are his stats after 6 months and he is not ready to stop until he reaches his target. 20 Kgs drop in weight 17% Drop in BF Muscle Mass is intact even after losing 20 kgs BP - Under control Cholesterol - Under control Target is to reach 15% BF. Do you think this journey was easy, not at all but was it worth it, absolutely 💪 He made the right decision at the right time. Hope you will also prioritise your choices. Have a safe Workout!! - Dr. Aakash Bansal #SharmaJiKaBeta #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr

Navin Goyal

Aisa laga jaise mere baare me baat ho rahi hai. Anyways, i drink beer/whiskey 90 ml on the rocks with lots of green salad and chicken breast.

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