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Chhote Sharma Ji needs 6-pack abs because She is Bhai ki Fan 😍😍

How many of you relate fitness to abs?

For how many of you abs is the ultimate goal? How many of you got into fitness to impress someone else? Do you really thinks abs are made in the kitchen and not gym? Very commonly I come across trainees and especially beginners who come with an end goal of Abs within 3 or 6 months. They are not much concerned about overall well being, fit lifestyle, endurance, strength or even improved muscle mass. Their aim is to flaunt that 6 pack abs once in their lifetime. I wont deny the fact that it is one of the important measure to assess the overall fitness because it reflects the BodyFat% of an individual but I totally disagree with this that people who dont have chiseled abs are not fit. Do you think an athlete with 15% BF doesn't qualify to be fit? (For people who didn't get it, abs are usually not visible at 15% BF) First of all, lets understand the basics that Abs is also a muscle like your chest, deltoid, biceps and it needs similar kind of resistance training as you train your other muscle parts. Dropping body fat percentage is not the only way to show off those biscuits, you need to grow this muscle as well; And if you have been lifting weights from last few months, you definitely have got the idea by now that it takes time to develop muscles. You might be thinking about those transformations in which the person has visible abs within 3-4 months and it seems impossible. Trust me it is not 🀝 Reason being, if you will see the past history of that person, in majority of the cases you will find that individual to be a seasoned lifter with months and years of experience. There is a possibility that he/she has left the routine in between and have gained some weight and lost some muscle but it is easy for them to get back on track if they start the training again. This is because of Muscle Memory and obvious fruits of previous discipline and hardwork. Now if you as a novice come up and expect the same kind of results, you are doing a mistake. Prioritise your fitness goals, its a lifestyle change for your overall fitness and not for 3 months or 6 months. I have been training from last 10 years and trust me, I dont train my abs regularly, once in 15 days may be but still because of strong core and low BF%, my abs are usually visible. Not as chiseled as many but I am quite satisfied with the results. When anyone in the gym come up to me, to ask my workout routine and my diet, I simply tell them the years I have put in to reach here because there is no single Workout or a diet chart that can help you with this. So have some patience if your aim is to fit those abs in your photo frame once. Abs is a part of an overall fitness process, it is not the end process. Choose your end goal wisely 😊 Have a safe Workout!! - Dr. Aakash Bansal #SharmaJiKaBeta #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr

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