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Chhote Sharma Ji is back on track; he lost 600 gms this week 😎

To get the context right, please read these articles for better understanding

https://m.facebook.com/groups/823848317674482?view=permalink&id=2538550786204218 https://m.facebook.com/groups/823848317674482?view=permalink&id=2542774195781877 This post is only relevant for you if you don't fall into any category mentioned in article 2 and have actually hit your Weight Loss Plateau. Few tips and tricks that helped our Sharma Ji, might help you as well:- 1. Reassess your calorie intake - When you lose weight, your body composition changes and thus the calorie demand. If your target is weight loss, don't stick to same calories for a longer period of time to avoid metabolic adaptation. Nobut now if you are already at low calories and decreasing more is not an option, there are two scenarios which you can try and test:- a. Eat around your maintenance calories or slightly more and stay on these calories for 10-14 days. There might be a transient increase in weight but dont worry, you will lose it once you start decreasing your calories. b. If you are not sure about your maintenance or dont want to increase calories, remain on same calorie count but change the macros ratio. Keep your protein constant at 1.8g/kg body weight and play between fats and carbs ratio. Suppose you were following LCD or Keto diet, increase the carbs now and reduce fats. There will be transient weight gain (water weight to be precise) because of sudden increase in carbs but this will help you to come out of metabolic adaptation. 2. Calories In vs. Calories Out - Thumb rule of weight loss is based on simple science, you need to burn more than what you eat in the entire day. If your physical activity is on point but you have hit the plateau, try increasing your NEAT (Non-Excercise Activity Thermogenesis); Like move more during the day, take stairs than lift, go out for a leisure walk. This helps us in burning more. 3. Progressive Overloading :- Increase the weight you are lifting in the gym gradually. It helps us with strength and hypertrophy of our muscles. More is the muscle mass, better is the calorie burn. 4. Break from Diet :- First thing first, this is the last option that you should opt for and you are not supposed to go berserk and eat anything and everything. This is a planned break and similar to point 1. The only difference is, here you can avoid macros calculation but you are supposed to eat around your maintenance calories. Avoid deep fried food and fast food because that can lead to unhealthy weight gain. Eating around maintenance calories helped our SharmaJi. Let me know what helped you in overcoming your weight loss plateau. Till then, Have a safe workout!! - Dr. Aakash Bansal #SharmaJiKaBeta #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr

Kanika Grotra

That's some good knowledge sharing.. thank you so much

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