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#TransformationTuesdays: (Long post alert) Subhankar Mishra's transformation journey is a story of determination, dedication, consistency and patience. Read his awe-inspiring story!

I never thought I would someday given a chance to pen down my story. This is very special to me and I have a lot to express , so I really need to construct my emotions to put it in a place. I was never fat in my life as I loved sports always which kept me healthy and lean. Till the circumstances forced me to be away from my active lifestyle I never realized that I am a cursed endomorph. But my transformation was the change in my mindset , my approach, being detered. Let me give you a little insight . The Hardships that I cherish: If I have to say what I "was" then, there are many such incidents which broke me and made me. I grew up as a helpless kid void of confidence. My sleep was never sound as I knew I have to wake up to a mediocre student again. Could manage to get average marks but could never excel beyond that. Studies didn't come to me naturally , I had to work hard to make a mark but didn't had that inclination. During my engineering days I remember it was 2 o clock in the night and I was lost in one corner of the bedroom. I was numb with dry eyes battered ,shattered, dissapointed and was struggling to pave my way out of the situation. This was not one of those disturbing nights but many followed. The reason being not able to handle rejection and in turn to handle myself. Started loosing hairs at the age of 21, I mean majority were gone. Sounds funny now but did affect me badly at that age. Managed to complete my engineering but the worries didn't end there ,didn't get a call from the company I was recruited for .Wanted to join the armed forces but failed 4 times. Nothing was in place. Just went with the flow in the undesired journey. My life was haywire. Wish the tide was on my Side: Amidst all these troubles what I always felt, I wish I had a way to be special. The only factor considered which would make you feel your existence was academics. My self confidence was always low as rankings and merits were awarded on the basis of 'only' academics .However, nobody talked about the strengths I had , I was among the fastest bowler in my school at the age of 13 . I wish that potential was given a thought. I used to sing but could never get trained. Was always mulling how to express myself to live a life that I love,I kept seeking and lurking. I did play a match here and there, sang but not upto my potential, kept working out just to have broad shoulders or bigger biceps. Eventually I kept doing these things as I loved to do and little appreciations here and there filled my heart with mirth and joy . Amongst all these things, bodybuilding was one such interest which gradually grew on me. Lifting and aspirations: I loved working out and it seemed this is one of the way were I could vent out my emotions and ease it all. Eventually I was more keen but there wasn't a way or definite approach here too, like my other areas of interest. The 90s kid could relate to this - cardio and lifting heavy makes a great body .There were Gurujis around to fuel it , they were great athletes but had no concrete ideas it was based on pure assumptions. I remember in one such gym I was prescribed steroids and said its never possible to achieve something naturally . On the other hand there were veterans who were on steroids but straight away said dont ever get into that, few good people. Just vague ideas here and there and the best ever that i could get out of it was eating good food and hard work. Somehow with lot of cardio I managed to get a decent physique , lost a lot of muscles though. The challenges didn't end here I found out that I have a herniated disc and I should not be even entering a gym and a week after I discovered this, I met an accident . I escaped death , bruises all over ,broke my clavicle. Had a surgery and my right biceps were like my wrists, lost all the movements of hand.I was sulking into loneliness. Was anything good happening with me at all ? Were did my prayers go , was like 'jo bheji thi dua woh jaake aasman main takra Miracle Happened: I had 2 major blocks , a herniated disc , a broken shoulder with screw and plates . I was undergoing physiotherapy , and got the x-rays at frequent intervals. On one such occasion doctor said the bone looks good you can start again , I started working on my upper body and it went well. But the situation was same beating the bush around to get a shredded body . JC sir came to infosys for a session, midway into the presentation I thought what crap ? I shouldn't be doing breakfast , puri duniya ek taraf and ye ek taraf. He showed a transformation and said no whey I said you must be joking. After that session I joined SQUATS saw people with abs and being in the sport for 8 years I was like I want it badly. Then the announcement came that SQUAT would train people for musclemania . I was elated and bro- angel and mentor entered my lif. God planned it for me it seems as I wanted it so badly that I could do anything and my mentor was equally stubborn. Few Memories of the transformations: The preparation for Musclemania was my first love. I had the same 4 to 5 sources of food , the same quantity the same type of preparation through out for almost 14 weeks. I was so much in need of a result that I didn't even mention my injuries to VT.I followed the process blindly and I could see a different me ,shredded me . This was the only thing of all that I did and got more than what I desired in my entire life. I couldn't secure a place , but judges said had you pose well you were definitely in the first position . I remember Sonali mam saying the most conditioned physique in the entire show, for me it was quite an achievement. This transformation was revelation of self , the way I evolved. I never knew i was so determined and I could withstand what I went through . It was very special as I was so disciplined with everything. I didn't knew what I should chase after this as I was brimming with satisfaction. I maintained the condition for good 6 months or so but coming to onsite and the chaos here took me out of the track. Then TC6 happened. I thought what if I go much lesser on calories , I didnt know but I wanted to experiment. Initial week I was with VT then I asked him if I can reduce further he said it is dangerous and he was very right as a mentor. That's what SQUATS is all about he didn't deviate from his ethics because of my whims and fancies. I knew it had its consequences, I was on my own. I just wanted to be the best 'shredded ever" . I started counted anything and everything I ate and stayed on 1600 for 8 weeks. Eventually it got tough. I just went in a way that every week I should loose a kilo, if not I worked harder. Last 4 weeks was on 1200. Dizziness , weakness, listlessness were common but I knew how much I could take. I was totally into me like a programmed robot .No matter what,I kept the same intensity for 12 weeks. I had to deal almost everything on my own which made me stronger and better. Oh the tragic nights, I would go to sleep at 10 then I would wake up at 12 ,lied down for 3 hours or more till I get some sleep again. That was the time I would start counting the horrible mistakes I made in the past and start listing what did hurt more . The conclusion would be that things which worried me was nothing compared to how strong I have become. Transformations are just more than physical changes ,isnt it ? The pain made be better and thoughtful about everything. In this juncture of life , transformations are something which I do it right out of the many things that I tried. Doing it nice and good gives me solace and the energy reflects handling other aspects of life , including my profession and other problems. When a problem would surface I would tell myself if can control hunger, workout for 2 hours starving , then the problem would start appearing small and diminish. And I start dictating terms. My transformations are self discoveries . Am like the panda with inner peace, I know no competition . Why would I compete when I myself have so many layers to peel off? You need no motivation when you have these characters around you continuously pulling you down and challenging you all the time. The problems that I had talked about , I could have taken charge of it no matter how much I blame it on the circumstances . There were a few though which really needed a direction. But now certainly I feel I will handle better in times of adversities. Be calm , quiet , poised and keep the storm going in your mind. Let the shackles off when you start working on it with brute force. The transformations have helped me to switch from aggression to controlled aggression , from a limited perception to wide vision,from a cry baby to a braveheart. I feel sorted. I will learn more and improve as I keep chasing goals and transformations. #transformationtuesday #getfitwithsquats #squatsdotin #fatlossstories #fattofit #getfitindia #humfittpindiafit #nutritionalconsultancy #strucureddiet #quantifiednutrition #weighttraining #wieghtlossinspiration #inspiringfatlossstories #fattofit #getshredded #womenshealth #cleaneating #beforeandafter


I wanted to look for the side effects of medical steroids given in the cervical treatments.Fortunately II just came across this post while searching the keyword “steroids”. I was so upset thinking about my health condition due to cervical issue because of my mistake while lifting heavy with a wrong form, but then your post brought tears to my eyes that if this is possible,maybe I recover soon and subside the effects of steroids later in life. Thanks Shubhankar Mishra,I had been following you since long but this post is like a blessing to me.

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