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Check if you have been doing these mistakes

Few mistakes to avoid when starting your transformation journey

- Changing your workout routine very frequently- Changing the routine very frequently won't help you to progressively overload which is the key point in terms of improving the muscle mass. - Focusing on losing lot of bodyweight in short period of time. This may -lead to degradation of your muscle mass. -make you significantly weaker. -screw up the hormone levels. -slow down the metabolism to a greater extent. - Effectiveness of the workout is based on how much you feel the pain after the workout.(same day or the day after) It's known as DOMS(Delayed onset muscle soreness). The concept is not true. Not feeling soreness doesn't necessarily mean the workout wasn't good. The form and technique of the exercise,volume and effective sets are few of the metrics which determines a good workout session. Coach- Sheikh Najid Siddiquee

Fatema pathari

nice information.... i had that soreness misconcept in my mind

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