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It’s disheartening for people to hear, but eating out on weekends yes can completely ruin your deficit and potential weight loss for the week. The “clean eating” to weekend over-consume cycle is SO common; people think they’re eating the equivalent of magic during the week in the form of broccoli and chicken. This extreme restriction can lead to “I’ve earned a cheat meal.”

A full plate biryani with a dessert later (easily 2000 calories) goodbye hard work for the week, rinse and repeat for next week until ultimately you get discouraged enough and say “leave it.” An issue here is people truly have ZERO ideas just how much they’re eating. Someone might figure a full cream coffee and cookies from Starbucks is “not that bad.” This alone can be 600 calories, which could be more than 1/4 of your daily calories. Furthermore, a typical meal at a restaurant can be well over 1,000 calories, and that’s not including the bread, extra oil/butter the chef might add or the drink you choose absent of water. Add 600-800kcal dessert, and you can EASILY consume upwards of 2500kcals in a single meal and over 3500-4000kcals over the course a day. So yes, it’s depressing to read, but learning to incorporate “cheat meals,” in your diet might be possible if you are limiting not just the frequency of the meals but also being considerate about what you are eating outside for example - drinking your calories is the surest way of overshooting your calories avoid drinking shakes or any calorie-dense drink and rather stick to normal water maybe a sugarfree lemonade. In the end, it all comes down to the adherence and planning your diet in such a way that suits your lifestyle.

Govind Tatiyal

thats what i hv been trying to tell ppl since a long time now... btw an awesome article by you coach.. keep posting awesome stuff.. this keeps knowledge bank growing

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