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Cheat Day VS Refeed Day

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Cheat day vs Refeed day!

It is very natural for any person to feel the need to reward themselves with a cheat day when they have accomplished a certain period of rigorous dieting. The period of dieting before the “so-called cheat day” can vary from person to person. Some like it after 12 weeks, whereas some want it after just one week of dieting. Some experts associate cheat days as a tool to improve negative metabolic and hormonal adaptations (leptin), caused as a result of caloric restriction. Cheat Day is generally regarded as a day where you are relaxed and can binge on anything and everything without being conscious about calories and macros. Refeed Day on the other hand is a pre-planned increase in calories to maintenance or slightly above maintenance, for a day or two, majorly coming from carbohydrates. Still, you continue to keep a check on your calories. When it comes to physiological benefits like improving metabolic adaptation and hormonal adaptation, a day or two of refeeding or cheat eating may not suffice. However, there is a psychological break which the person enjoys, which may improve adherence and sustainability for later period of dieting, without impacting the overall progress. [1] [2] Now coming to the question, whether we should have a cheat day or a refeed day? Honestly, both the strategies will do their jobs of giving us a psychological break. However, there are greater chances of off-setting your hard-earned progress when you opt for a cheat day because of the mindless eating. Hence, refeeding might be a more optimal approach. Content by Praveen Budhrani References: [1] Effectiveness of Diet Refeeds and Diet Breaks as a Precontest Strategy [2] Intermittent energy restriction improves weight loss efficiency in obese men: the MATADOR study
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