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Cheat day or Refeed day

Dieting Psychology

Most common question that we consultants get I’m on a diet I “deserve” a cheat day! Or When is my cheat day ? Its an epidemic which has been spread by all the most reputed diet specialists whom people look up to. “Cheat days boost your metabolism”, “cheat days are good” that’s what we hear from them. Cheat days are simply a way to self sabotage your progress: You shouldn’t cheat on your diet if the goal is to lose body fat. Most of the times, if not every time, cheat days are followed by the guilt that kicks in later REFEED DAYS Refeed day is programmed in your weekly intake, and it is needed for you to split weeks of intense dieting. It serves a purpose on a diet and is included in the diet, definitely does not take you off of your goal. It makes you lose some water weight, feel good and get ready to kill the upcoming week. There are ways to do refeeds 1. Single days refeed don’t show much of a difference on hormones, but they still give a mental break & muscle glycogen replenishment to continue pushing hard: both mentally & at the gym. - 2. Refeed for two consecutive days have instead a positive impact on satiety hormone Leptin, which increases and starts reversing the metabolic adaptation. It increases your metabolism and gets you on a higher energy expenditure, which ultimately leads to more fat loss in the long run. #Cheatday #cheatmeal #refeedday #refeedmeal #fatloss #weightloss #shivanijotwani Ref


what do you mean by refeed? 😅

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