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Chasing Perfection - Major Reason For Diet Fail

Dieting Psychology
You must have come across a person who starts a diet with absolute perfection but just one piece of the chip was eaten and the entire bag of chips is gone. After that, there is no going back - its the end of the diet

One of the major reason for diet fail is that people tend to become too absolute in their approach. Any small deviation is not at all acceptable and if it happens there is no way going back and all your efforts go in vain then post-diet binge starts which often causes more damage then your earlier dietary habits. So either you are 100 percent on point with the diet or nothing. This approach of chasing perfection or "100 percent or nothing " can work in a short term until you have any deviation and its just a matter of when it will happen and you will go off the diet. This is not just limited to diet but also working out- initial few days you are enthusiastic and went well but just 1-2 session missed and you are not going back to the gym. Take away message - It's alright if you have any single deviation it will not gonna ruin the efforts you are putting to get better, start afresh from next day or next meal or next session with the same enthusiasm.

Surya Pathak

thanks , days ago I ate packet full of chocolate popcorn. but released my mistake the moment itself .went back to diet next meal itself

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