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Changing Calories Every Week?

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Do You Need To Change Your Calories Every Week?

There is this very misconception especially among beginners that you need to change your calorie intake every week!! This is absolutely not needed and is unnecessary especially if you are already progressing at certain calorie intake. Drop/Add calories as per your goal only when your progress stops completely else stick to same calories till you hit a plateau. Say you are on a fatloss diet and you started at around 2000 calories ( let's assume) if you are loosing fat and inches and progressing at 2000 calories then don't drop calories to 1900 or 1800 after 7 days because you are limiting your food intake for no reason at all. Morever if you do it like this then you will hit a plateu sooner than you would if you were to drop calories only when needed. Same goes for muscle building ( caloric surplus phase as well) that is add calories only when your progress halts completely. If you have any doubts / queries drop them down in comments and I will be happy to help you!

Pooja Kothari Singhvi

what would you suggest for someone who's tdee is 2000 and has hit a plateau.

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