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Cellulite- ways to counter it!

If you think that Cellulite is a type of fat, then you need to go ahead and read this article. As Fitness Consultants, we get two queries almost on a daily basis: first, how to lose fat? And secondly, what to do about this other kind of fat called Cellulite? And then come the ancillary questions: Will Cellulite go away completely? What is it actually? Why do people have cellulite? How is it formed? This article will try to give you the answers.

Almost 90 percent of women have visible cellulite(active or sedentary) and even 10 percent of men have it. Now, the first thing to know is that it is NOT just about fat cells but rather, the connective tissue surrounding them called FASCIA. The fat beneath the skin: So, cellulite is nothing but FAT beneath an unhealthy Fascia. Fascia is a complete system on its own and the study is called ‘Fasciology’. Fascia tissue is a sticky web-like substance that attaches underneath the skin and is almost everywhere in the body. Literally, head to toe and organ to organ. There are four types of Fascia: 1) Structural: The one you have directly under the skin and it appears like plastic wrap. 2) Inner structural: It runs through all the organs and attaches them to bones, muscles, and organs 3) Visceral Fascia: Won’t cover this much in this article. 4) Spinal Fascia: Encloses entire spinal straw. Unhealthy Fascia: When Fascia is unhealthy, it forms Restrictions, adhesions, and distortions(R.A.D). When fascia is in an unhealthy state, it sticks together and tightens around whatever it surrounds. Remember the knots you see that you call muscle knots? When inter-structural fascia has some problems, it PULLS down the structural fascia creating little dimples and puckers, like a TUFT SOFA. The fat pushes through creating peaks whereas valleys are structural fascia. Reasons for Unhealthy Fascia and Remedies There is a lot of reason behind the existence of unhealthy fascia like Food, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, toxins, genetics, hormones, etc. Fascia is such a vast system that reason can be anything. But if we have to get top 3 out of them they will be. 1)Blood Flow: Blood is the carrier of life in our body and if you are inactive, the blood flow to the organs slows down. Weight training and building muscle is the solution here. Why? Because it will maintain the blood flow in the targeted muscles. Those muscles will look fuller and cellulite will look a little less prominent. 2)Improper structure and biomechanics: In a perfect biomechanical working person, everything is in alignment. Nerves fire signals and muscle fibers are aligned. Posture will be correct maintaining a good center of gravity. In case of a messed up structure, fascia will also get severely affected as its nothing but plastic wrap enclosing the muscles. Improve your structural integrity and a lot of things in life improve automatically. 3)Dehydration: Imagine your cells as balls kept in a rectangular box. The space left is called extracellular matrix and the balls are (cells are filled with a liquid) interstitial fluids. Now, this fluid has a lot of functions but the main function is to deliver the nutrients and to flush out the waste. This fluid continuously leaves our bodies and we need to replenish it every day. A slight change in this cycle severely impacts fascial tissues. Drink water people. Drink! Takeaways 1) Weight training and building muscles help a lot. Also, getting rid of that fat(by structured nutrition) which pushes through those pockets will reduce the prominence of cellulite. 2) Rolling on the tight spots help in getting rid of those adhesions many times. 3) Increase your activity levels and start moving. 5) Stay patient and keep grilling. Author: Varun Sharma.


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