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Caution While Buying Supplements

INFS Faculty Anshul Dhamande suggests pointers before buying supplements.

The market is filled with supplements with false claims and over a period of time, there have been quite a few supplements with no solid evidence. A lot of people fall prey to the same and get no results or even be harmful in the process. Hence it’s of utmost importance to be cautious and know the supplement & its benefit. - Below are the few pointers you need to keep in mind before buying supplements - Don’t get caught up in marketing schemes. There is no magic pill, yet anyways! - Make sure the supplement is supported by studies and proper evidence. - Quite a few supplement manufacturers advertise citing studies done on small group or just animals. So, it's better to wait and get the claims confirmed by multiple resources - Check for the authenticity of the supplement before you buy #infs #supplements #musclebuilding #leangains #strengthtraining

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how good are the products of ultimate nutrition?

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