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causes of overtraining

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Causes of overtraining

=================================== Yesterday I made a post about the symptoms of overtraining if you have not read it then check it here -https://www.facebook.com/groups/squatsjc/permalink/2401398616586103/ Now here are the causes of overtraining - 1. Not sleeping well- lack of recovery because of lack of sleep is the major cause of overtraining. 2. Not taking training break- If you are an advanced lifter and not taking a deload/short taper in between your training cycles can cause overtraining . 3. Not eating enough -Nutrition plays a huge role in recovery and if you are not eating enough food and protein then there are chances that you will not recover properly from training and can cause overtraining 4.Stress - Here I am not just talking about stress from training but also stress from personal life, it can have a pretty negative effect on recovery and hence can cause overtraining.
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