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Career in fitness industry!

Can you make a career in fitness industry? Sure can! It's a no brainer right? But can you make a better career in fitness industry than any other industry? Yes you can! However there are a few key things that you need to understand before you make the jump!

A lot of people get attracted by the lifestyle of fitness and wellness coaches and seeing how much money they make, want to jump right into it. Bad move! Coaching/Mentoring starts with care! If you do not respect an individual and do not genuinely care about each and every person who you speak to, you don't have what it takes to be a great coach. Your career graph will go up initially doing all the BS but it will come down. As someone who's enabled hundreds of coaches and have seen the rise and fall of many, I can tell you the single most reason why coaches fail is because they stop caring. Coaching is like starting a new journey, like those goa trips which require initiation. If you're a coach who keeps doing the same thing again and again, then wait, maybe, you have stopped learning and therefore you will stop growing. The key here is to open yourself to new possibilities and learn so you can teach your clients new stuff all the time. "If you're good at something, never do it for free" said a Joker! If you take your life advice from fictional characters, then you my friend need a perspective! Good people give away free stuff all the time! Without people giving away free stuff, the world would be even worse than it is right now. So don't think that you have to keep your wealth of knowledge to yourself or you can't help someone for free. Serving people is one of the best ways to grow yourself intellectually and spiritually. I pity those who've not served. Don't be greedy, be ambitious! Keep non monetary goals which involve your growth and growth of others with yourself. Money, like they say is a byproduct. Your value or the value of the services you're offering is determined by who's willing to pay for it. So your focus should always be to improve the value of your services and not the other way round. Keep learning! The more you learn the more you grow! In today's world, the money in the bank won't help you! You're your insurance and you're your retirement plan! Invest in yourself, invest in knowledge so that you can become recession proof and more importantly "life ready" Fitness and wellness industry is the next big thing! Trust me I know a thing or two!


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