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Cardio vs Resistance training

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Cardio vs Resistance training

======================= Before start this topic, let's understand what are the parameters of physical fitness. Body Composition-Body composition is the body's amount of fat relative to fat-free mass, it is more reliable then BMI because BMI does not consider fat percentage and muscle mass Cardiovascular/cardiorespiratory Endurance- The ability of heart and lungs to supply oxygenated blood and nutrients to the working muscle Muscular Strength- The ability of muscles to generate maximum force against resistance in one or few repetitions Muscular Endurance- The ability of muscles to generate force against resistance over a long duration Flexibility- Ability of muscles to complete full range of motion around joint Now as we know all the parameters of fitness, resistance training is capable of improving all the parameters of fitness, whereas cardio only helps in improving cardiovascular strength and somewhat muscle endurance. So if your goal is general wellness/fat loss or muscle gain, its better you stick to resistance training. But if you enjoy doing cardio then keep doing it, just include some sessions of resistance training per week. *****I have not covered athletes part intentionally because of the demand for sports, they might have to shift priorities from resistance training to cardio

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thank you bro... but I use resistance band with abs wheel attached.. how to use it for shoulders plz reply

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