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Cardio - The Other Side of the Coin

Exercise Science
- Nachiketh Shetty

In the world of fitness, there is a severe dogma attached to the topic of cardio. On one hand, some people look at cardio as their go-to exercise for fat loss. On the other hand, some people look at a treadmill and cringe at the thought of losing muscles. However, both sides of the argument have some truth to it. Cardio can help in fat loss. But we must not ignore the muscle loss that occurs after strictly sticking to cardio. The Role of Strength Training: Strength training helps to retain muscles, LISS does not. It is equally important to feed the muscles with sufficient quantities of high quality proteins. Where can cardio help? At some point, when you hit a plateau in terms of fat loss and when there is very little room for cutting calories further, you can add some cardio at the end of a strenuous workout to affect further fat loss. You can also incorporate 15-30 mins of low intensity cardio on your “Active rest days”. As long as you are getting involved with strength training and have sufficient proteins in your diet, adding in some cardio sessions into the mix won’t hurt. In fact, having a mix of both might complement each other!

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