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cardio for lifters?

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Yes, you can argue with me that even lifting weights can burn the same calories that you can with cardio. Moreover, you'll also retain all of the muscle mass, if not put on, due to lifting weights. And I agree. However, burning calories isn't the only reason we lift weights. Similarly, even cardio can have benefits outside of mere calorie expenditure.

Do you run out of breath if you do one set of deadlift for 15reps? How long does it take for you to catch your breath back again before you move to the next set? 3mins? 10mins? If it's just 3mins, then you'll be fine. But if it's 10mins, then you've got a problem that needs addressed. You see, as you get stronger, your conditioning will matter even more. Take this as an example: When I was a beginner, doing 15reps of 60kgs deadlift took a toll on me. But it hardly took 2-3mins to catch my breath back before I started my next set. Back then my 1RM was 100kgs. Now my 1RM is 180kgs. 60% of that is 116kgs. I'm almost going to pass out at the end of the 15th rep. My training routine has stayed the same. Then why do I come close to needing a CPR for a high rep set now? Repeat: You see, as you get stronger, your conditioning will matter even more. If you keep ignoring the conditioning work, you're going to reach a point where your slow recovery will hamper your progress. Working on your conditioning doesn't mean you train for a marathon. It can be any low impact cardio activity like cycling for 15-20mins 2-3times a week. Just keep your heart rate between 130-140bpm. Over time, your inter-set recovery will improve and even the number of capillaries (which provide blood and oxygen to the muscles) will go up.

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