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Can you lose weight without exercise ?

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Can you lose weight without exercise?

==================================== The technical answer will be 'Yes' just by following a calorie deficit diet but is it advisable? No, not at all .let's understand why 1. Exercise helps to burn some extra calories which add up to our daily calorie intake that means you can create a bigger deficit with the same amount of food. 2. Studies have shown that those who exercise regularly have better chances of sticking to the diet. 3. You might hit a plateau soon while following a calorie deficit diet without exercise as there will be much lesser scope to cut calories and also adaptations to diet are quick 4. The reason we get fat is our habits are not correct and one of the major contributors of that is not exercising and so if you don't change this habit then you likely to get back fat again. 5. When you lose weight, not all you lose is fat, its the combination of fat, muscle, and water. So to minimize that muscle loss you need to put a load on the muscle and do strength training. 6. Not just that, studies have shown that people who do regular exercise are smarter and happier.

Shweta poonja shetty

when one is not exercising but just following deficit, eventually NEAT also tends to reduce due to lethargy which is also not good sign

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