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Can you lose fat and gain muscle at a same time ?

Can you lose fat and gain muscle at a same time

=============================== Most of the people have this goal to lose excess fat and gain muscle mass , they want that shredded look but at the same time with good muscle mass . so is it possible to do both task at the same time ? It is only possible in one case that is when the person is complete beginner but for someone who lifting weights and taking care of his/her diet for quite some time, losing fat and gaining muscle is highly unlikely to happen A better approach would be to focus on one goal at a time. One thing to note that while losing fat there will some muscle loss happen and same goes for muscle gain there would be some fat gain that is inevitable. One mistake people do is shift their goals very quickly while gaining if they see fat gain they shift their focus to lose fat and vice versa in fat loss. So stick to one goal at a time . Cheers


This could be the reason why my progress is slow. I have been dieting and training since 2 months and there are no big differences in my body as compared to the people I have seen here posting their transformation. Most of them even gained abs too in 12 weeks and if I talk abut females, I have seen drastic inch loss inmost of them. Or, am I doing something wrong?

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