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Can you eat out while dieting?


The direct answer would be - Yes you can, but the context matters. If you are looking at general fitness and are not time bound to reach a goal, yes you can. However, for achieving stricter goals, you'd have to be strict with yourself and it would be better to avoid eating out. In either case, remember food isn't entertainment. Go out for a change of routine, go out to enjoy company of friends and family, eat responsibly. If you do choose to go out, here are a few things you can do- 1) On stricter goals, you could take home made food with you. If you are going to a restaurant have your food before you enter and you can have like a zero calorie drink - salted lemon soda, diet coke, black coffee, black tea, green tea etc. 2) If you choose to eat out, choose items closest to your diet chart. Eyeball the portion size. Do remember it is difficult to estimate how much oil/fat is used, and generally it'll be on the plus side at restaurants. So when you are estimating calories and portions, stay on the lower side. Also use tracking apps like Fittr and log in the food you've had outside. 3) Plan ahead, look at the menu and decide what options are available. Adjust calories and macros for the day accordingly. Make it a priority to finish your proteins. 4) Stick with grilled/steamed options. Clear soups over cream soups. 5) Have a big helping of salad, dressing on the side. All restaurants do serve green salad of some kind. 6) Avoid fried items, desserts and baked good - they are generally calorie dense. 7) Choose a dish for yourself and stick with it. You may tend to eat more if you are sharing out of variety of dishes. 😎 Keep your water intake up. 9) Eat slowly and stop before you feel completely full. EAT RESPONSIBLY. DON'T GIVE IN TO TEMPTATIONS.

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