Jitendra Chouksey

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Can you boost your Immunity?

With the onset of COVID, the search for terms like Immunity and Immunity boosters have shot through the roof. Needless to say some people are able to find an opportunity even in this fear and are doling out products making exorbitant claims. But what’s the truth behind these products? Can you really boost your Immunity?

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S Kokila

Actually, its the low level viral exposure that induces antibody production and gives herd immunity.  Its the "fear of corona" that we have to let go of rather than "corona". All these years we have had flu-like symptoms 1-3 times a year and we never bothered about it. We may have gotten corona infection in the past too. Only this time, our flu had a name. Also, due to fear and panic generated by media and Tv, the human body had an exagerated response of cortisol, adrenaline and other neurohormones that reduced the bodys ability to clear the virus effectively. Thanks Dr Kokila

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