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Can’t get enough sleep ? Try these !!

Sleep is Important !! It allows your body to recover, but also to perform vital metabolic processes — such as the cleanup of toxic proteins in the brain, a mouse study showed..

Unsurprisingly, lack of sleep has been associated with a multitude of health issues. It has been shown to increase inflammation and impair focus, fat loss, insulin signalling, testosterone production, and cardiovascular health. Getting enough sleep isn’t only a health necessity, either; it can also help you perform better mentally, physically, and sexually, and it can certainly make you a lot happier! So let’s review some of the sleep-improvement methods which can help you improve your sleep . 😴 Melatonin You could try taking melatonin near bedtime. Oral melatonin can also improve your circadian rythym which will ultimately help you to sleep better. Melatonin is a safe supplement and is not addictive !! 😴 Magnesium Lack of magnesium can impair sleep. Multiple types of magnesium supplements exist, but magnesium-rich foods are numerous and can fit all kinds of diets: they should be your first option. If your body has enough magnesium already, supplementing with more won’t benefit your sleep. 😴 Light To fall asleep faster, avoid bright lights and blue lights within the two hours before bedtime; if necessary, use blue-light-blocking glasses or a program that reduces the blue light from the screen of your computer, tablet, or phone. To sleep better, make your bedroom dark; if you can’t, consider using a sleep mask. 😴 Noise Noise can drastically reduce the quality of your sleep. If you can’t make your bedroom silent, use earplugs (unless you need to hear your baby calling). Some people appreciate white noise or soothing music, especially when it masks more irritating sounds, such as traffic noise; but keep the volume low. 😴 Heat Ambient heat can delay sleep onset and reduce sleep quality. Conversely, a comfortably cool room can reduce the time it takes you to fall asleep and enter the deeper stages of sleep. 😴 Alcohol Don’t use alcohol as a sleep aid it will impair the quality of your sleep and it can become addictive too. 😴 Caffeine caffeine can still impair the quality of your sleep. Avoid it within the six hours before bedtime. 😴 Exercise Physical exercise during the day leads to better sleep at night. Nightly exercise is better than no exercise, with regard to sleep quality and other health factors. 😴 A consistent sleeping schedule Going to bed at around the same time every night can help you to both fall asleep faster and sleep better. A bedtime routine can prime your body for sleep; your routine should be more soothing (e.g., meditating) than stimulating (e.g., playing a computer game). I hope its helps !! So stop staying up late and get some good sleeo !! Thanks for reading. Happy Holi to all of you !! Have fun and enjoy the day ! References 😴 Xie L, et al. Sleep drives metabolite clearance from the adult brain . Science. (2013) Rasch B, Born J. About sleep's role in memory . Physiol Rev. (2013) Born J, Rasch B, Gais S. Sleep to remember . Neuroscientist. (2006)


How many hours of sleep is recommended for a 40 year old male? Thanks.

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