Nikhil Tilakpure

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Can't Do Pull-Up; Try This Progression at Home. No special equipment needed.

Muscle Building
Equipment needed:

1.Towel / Bed sheet Pull-up is great exercise for overall development of Back & upper body. But doing Pullup can be challenging for many people, specially in following scenarios: 1.Beginner with body weight on higher side. 2.Not having pull-up bar or arrangement to grip on at home. Attached video has step by step guide to easier version of Pull-up called as "Floor Pull-up" which can be used as substitute to Pull-up or Lat Pull Down. This vertical pull movement will serve as progression to Pull-up and ultimately will help you reach your target of doing "Clean Pull-up" Try 3 sets of this version of Pull-up with maximum repetations and let me know how it feels in comments section.

Gaurav Dalal

Great. Respect Man. looking for this kind of Video. Many thanks for Sharing.

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