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Can I follow this diet without tablets? – The fear of tablets!

The first week someone starts his or her diet with me, there are usually a million questions (Even I had when I started!)

While I try to answer all of them, some questions are really important to discuss in a detailed and logical way, without the overuse of geeky technical jargons that might confuse them more. So here’s the answer to one such common question that anyone new to fitness and health often has in their mind – “Can I follow this diet without tablets?” tablets-as-question-mark Here you go – “Tablets” are the physical form that a number of substances can have. Ranging from harmless chatpata Hajmola, to tasteless and harmful drugs and chemicals. Depends on what exactly you are referring to when you say “Tablets.” If you mean nutrients like multivitamins, omega 3 (fish oil or flaxseed oil, though they are not technically tablets but ‘capsules’), Vitamin C, Vitamin E, then you can safely keep your worry at bay! In fact, and on the contrary, these kinds of ‘tablets’ and ‘capsules’ will help you maintain a better health than you are now in. To be practical here, you can even suggest these to your family members. And I’m talking about “health” here, not weight loss or fat loss. There’s no “tablet” that specifically helps you with fat loss. Your fat loss factory is right inside your kitchen and your gym. That’s it. Micronutrients are vital to your body’s optimal functioning and proper health. These vitamins and minerals make sure that all systems and the thousands of biochemical reactions happening in your body every millisecond, happen perfectly. They are the catalysts, raw materials, and the very reason for those processes to occur in your body that help you stay alive, without any diseases or compromise. And yes, the measure matters. (explains why sometimes a separate Vitamin C is suggested even though your multivitamin may have it. Also because your body can’t store some of these vitamins for future use – like Vit B and C. These need to come in regularly every day). An interesting thing to note is, if your body doesn’t get the supply from outside, it will eat up itself (your body) to make sure those processes run. What are the repercussions of the body falling back on itself when the necessary micronutrients are not available? Bone decay? Muscle loss? Your body hardly cares. The processes should run, that’s more important. Your bones and muscles can provide the raw materials if you don’t provide from outside. And we all remember the effect of vitamin/mineral deficiency from our 6th standard science books, do we not? Scurvy, Osteoporosis, Rickets, Anaemia, and the likes. Think you get enough micronutrients from regular food? If you are a vegetarian/vegan, try getting your Vitamin B12 checked. Often you do not meet the entire spectrum required. Not even the RDA perhaps. (More so, if green leafy vegetables are not your cup of tea), That’s when supplementation helps. These tablets aren’t magic fat loss pills, but something that will help you stay healthy. So can you diet without “tablets”? Of course!! Eat a large variety of greens and broaden the spectrum of food ingredients in your diet (Lot easier for non-vegetarians, but kind of tough for vegetarians…) variety-of-fruits-and-veggies Will these “tablets” be beneficial for your body? Yes. Highly recommended, since it’s very difficult meeting your micronutrient needs from just food every single day. These are just nutrients, not the dangerous chemicals that people have labelled them to be. 🙂 Follow Fitmag for articles such as this one here, to help you learn more, in the simplest way possible without going too much into jargons and technicalities. Happy learning! Authored by:~Dev Biswas, Editor-in-Chief, Fitmag
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