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“Healthy” or “Unhealthy” foods: Overeating any type of food can result in weight gain Fruits are considered healthy foods. Why? Because, they are loaded with lots of vitamins, minerals and pack lots of dietary fiber. However, don’t forget, like any other food, they also have calories. They are not calorie-free food. Even if your entire daily food intake comes from fruits, if you are consuming calories beyond your daily requirement, it will result in weight gain. Moderation is the key. Many of us think eating healthy foods cannot result in weight gain. That’s not true – every calorie counts whether coming from fruits or from ice cream. It is commonly seen that people replace regular “roti-daal-sabzi” meal with fruits, while assuming they are eating healthier and possibly lesser calories. In such a case, whether you consumed lesser calories or not would depend on the quantity of fruits eaten. Also, since fruits are simple carbs (broken down quickly by the body to be used as energy) and hence may not keep you full for very long. Consequently, you may feel hungry soon after your fruit consumption. To deal with frequent bouts of hunger, you could actually end up having more calories in comparison to the ‘roti sabzi’ you were looking to replace. A lot people consume fruit juices – whether fresh or prepackaged. Juices are liquid calories – no/low fiber content. So, fruit juice won’t even keep you full the way eating a whole fruit might. Also, if you were to eat a fruit, 1 full fruit (example an orange) could satiate your immediate hunger. However, if you were having orange juice, you’ll need more number of oranges (say 2 or 3) to get a glass full of juice. So you end up consuming more overall calories but without the fiber content. Therefore, a glass of juice won’t fill you as actual fruit even with more calories. When you want to reduce weight, food choices make a significant difference. If you’ve followed my earlier posts about biscuits and namkeen, you can relate to amount of calories a specific quantity of food has. CHOOSE FOODS THAT KEEP YOU FULL LONGER. So for the same 80 calories you can eat biscuit OR namkeen OR fruit OR roti. Fruit might keep you full longer than biscuit/namkeen. Roti might keep you full longer than fruit. Here is the link to previous articles about Biscuits – []( Namkeen - [](


Can we eat 2-3 types of Fruits in a day while being on a calorie deficit diet? Or should we stick to one type?

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