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Can a spotter help me train better ?

Fitness Myths
When you are into lifting weights, it is very normal for you to underestimate or overestimate your potential. So it is always helpful to have someone to give you feedback or keep you safe from the potential injuries.

Let’s understand how a spotter/gym partner can help you get better. Motivation Unless you like being alone, with a spotter you are less likely to skip a gym day. If he is passionate about working out, you will benefit. However, don’t get a spotter who is less motivated himself, you should both complement each other. Safety Having a spotter by your side helps you push the extra weight or train extra hard because there’s that additional safety element that comes with the spotter’s support. Sometimes, you don’t think you need that support, but spotter just being there creates confidence and you can actually end up lifting that weight by yourself. Competition Working out in a competitive environment with your spotter can help improve your overall performance in the gym. However, one should be mindful to not turn that competition into jealousy. Honest Criticism It’s a myth that just because you are an intermediate or advanced lifter, you should not be bothered about form. As we move towards lifting heavier weights and doing more volume, somewhere consciously or subconsciously, there is a possibility of form breakdown. In this scenario, it is great if someone looks at you critically and provides you with constructive feedback. Tag your spotter/ workout buddy who helps you knockout great workouts! Content by Praveen Budhrani Reference: [1] LeBlanc, J. A. (1996). Cold exposure, appetite, and energy balance. Nutritional Needs in Cold and High-Altitude Environments: Applications for Military Personnel in Field Operations, 203. [2] Ma, Y., Olendzki, B. C., Li, W., Hafner, A. R., Chiriboga, D., Hebert, J. R., ... & Ockene, I. S. (2006). Seasonal variation in food intake, physical activity, and body weight in a predominantly overweight population. European journal of clinical nutrition, 60(4), 519-528.

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