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Calories needed to get 30 grams of protein

A lot of times when I tell people you need to have chicken/whey/eggs/soya for protein the counter-argument comes why not we take nuts/seeds and even broccoli for protein.

If some food has some protein does not mean it is the best source of completing your protein requirement and especially when you are losing weight and eating in a deficit. For example - yes almonds have protein but to get just 30 grams of protein you need to consume 820 kcal. And let's say you need to have just 90 grams of protein in a day and you complete it from almonds then you will consuming 2460 kcal just from almonds. In this situation creating a deficit in most of the cases is next to impossible Further is the sheer volume of food, if you cook and weigh out 4.5 kg (480 kcal) of broccoli, no one could physically eat that much in a day at least not without feeling like you swallowed a full-size deer. On the other hand, if you stick to lean sources for protein like whey or chicken then for 30 grams of protein you just have to consume 200 and 130 kcal respectively. Completing protein requirements will be much easier with these. Consuming almonds/peanuts/ pumpkin seeds for your protein would be like saving for Mercedes with a 100 rupees annual investment.

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