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Dieting Psychology
If you are worried that missing the meal timings will kill your progress.🤯🤯

Chill bro Relax. 😎 Calories don't know the time 👀 Often people are worried about if they miss their breakfast or any meal, their body won't progress as it should be. It's never like that, as long as you consume the right amount of calories each day, you will definitely make progress. At times there is a rush for office early morning, and it's difficult to complete your meals and at times it gets skipped, so what to do now? Will your progress be affected? Answer to this is very simple, your progress will not be affected, you just need to complete your missed breakfast or missed meal any time of the day in 24 hours and complete your caloric intake for the day. So don't worry if you are having late lunch or late dinner at times, just make sure you complete all your meals for the day. It's true that starting a day with a good healthy breakfast is important, but when it comes to weight loss it's the calories you consume and your activity levels which determines how your body adapts to it and not what time you eat them. Eventually, the number of calories is going to be the same, be your breakfast at 10 am or 12 pm. If you want to achieve your goals in fitness, just make a habit, be consistent and adapt fitness as a lifestyle for a longer run. Cheers! Stay strong 💪

Abhinab Das

it is very true.. I am perusing a shredded program n though being a business man.. it's tough to maintain time.. but as the intake remains same within 24 hr I found my result.

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