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CALORIES ARE MONEY : Do you need to follow the diet chart forever?

Many times before even starting the diet we have this one question in mind that

"Yes, we are doing this for 3 months or 4 months but what after we achieve our goals? Do we have to eat according to this diet chart throughout the life?" "How we can get over with monotonous food as this is just same ingredients?" Let's understand with scenario. When you first came to know about the power of money and your mother gave you pocket money for the first time, how well you managed money that day? Were your mother having keen eye on you that where you are spending money? When you remember that day and when you compare yourself what you are now, then do you feel that you are now MORE capable to manage money than that time? While you are answering this questions in your mind I will tell you what happened. When you first got the money you were not having any experience to manage money, to spend money. That's why your mother use to monitor your spendings, now she stopped doing it. Why? Because you LEARNED how to manage money. Similarly while dieting hard and following chart you need to LEARN the basics so that you don't have to constantly bother about calorie and intake. Once you learned and become experienced then managing calories will be as similar as managing money. It will be your second nature, just like managing money is your second nature. Similarly, when we eat outside the diet chart then you have to do it consciously, just like you spend the money consciously. You know that what you are purchasing and how much its COSTS. Same way you should be aware that what you are eating and how much CALORIE it COSTS. So you see it again boils down to understanding the stuff. 😁 Now when we talk about the initial days of our money management we use to keep a ledger for spent money so that we know WHERE we have spent it. But do you write every penny you spent? Probably not, because you are experienced enough to understand that and manage that. Same way you need to maintain a ledger for calories consumed (fitter par hai ye sab 😎) so that you know what you are putting in your body. Once you are experienced enough this management will become second nature. So take the learning from the rigid dieting and use that experience to sustain for long. Consider this time as your mother watching your spendings. 😁😁😁 Whenever you get confuse always try to compare calories with money and think what would you do when this is the similar situation with money? You will always get your answer 😁 Let me know your views on paisa and calories 😁

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Superb example 😀👍🏻

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