Utsav Agrawal

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Calorie Cycling

Let me start by stating the clear distinction between carb cycling and calorie cycling. In carb cycling, you keep your calorie same but the macros ratios change on a daily basis that is some days you will be having high carb, someday low and some days zero. It has no advantage in fat loss and to read more about high carb vs low carb diet read here -https://m.facebook.com/groups/823848317674482?view=permalink&id=2683919451667350

In calorie cycling, you undulate your calories on day to day basis equating weekly calories. Let me explain with an example - let's say your maintenance calories are 2500 and you create a deficit of 500 kcal then you have to consume 2000 kcal every day on average and in calorie cycling you can have calories in this pattern - Day 1- 1500 Day 2- 2500 Day 3- 1500 Day 4- 3000 Day 5- 2500 Day 6- 1500 Day 7- 1500 This is just an EXAMPLE and can be done in different ways. Also, you can change the macro ratio keeping protein the same too but that is insignificant. Now coming to the main question, "Is it beneficial for fat loss".As per the evidence, If you equate weekly calories you can undulate your daily calories and have high and low days, there doesn’t seem to be a difference in fat loss, whether you choose to undulate calories or keep them stable during the week. But there is more to this, having high and low days can give you the psychological “break” from dieting. On high-calorie day, sometimes you can include more of your favorite foods which in return can increase adherence. Reference - https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/20921964/ TAKE CARE STAY SAFE !!

Priyanka Singh Deo

A question, if we do carb cycling and on the days of more carb intake we do heavy wrkout and on rest days we keep our carbs towards a reduced level. Will it not help in improving our performance and also if we wrkout with high intensity, we definitely gain more muscle.

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