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Calisthenics VS Weightlifting

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There is no clear demarcation between these two forms of exercise as which one is better than another because they both helps in developing stronger muscles, healthier bones and better stamina.

In calisthenics you use your own bodyweight to workout and focus is to build your relative strength in relation to your total bodyweight, while in Weight Training you use external resistance (weight) to workout and the focus is to build your maximum strength. So instead of comparing these two with each other, let’s discuss the pros and cons of each form individually and depending on your end goal, you can decide which one you want to start with. Calisthenics Pros: 1. A primary advantage of calisthenics is flexibility and ease of practicing in any place, at any time. You are using your body; you can train wherever you are. How much space do you need to do Pushups? 2. Working on a few calisthenics exercises will ensure that you work several muscle groups in your body. While performing conventional pushups, you involve your deltoids, pectoralis (chest muscle), triceps and core. Calisthenics workouts require you to use a number of muscles and body parts to complete the routine. 3. Most of these exercises are cardiovascular in nature, not only will this improve your heart health but reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Cons: 1. The biggest disadvantage of calisthenics is that it is extremely difficult for overweight trainees, since all exercises are based on bodyweight. 2. If developing muscle mass is your end goal, calisthenics is not your best option. It takes time to develop strength and technique. You will get toned up, there will be some muscle definition and muscle gain but in order to achieve the desired muscle mass, you need to add weights in your workout like weighted push up and pull ups. 3. Chicken Legs! This is a major concern while doing calisthenics. Training legs with only bodyweight is an issue. You need to incorporate weights to develop your lower body. Weight Training Pros: 1. No other training will assist you to build muscle and get bigger than weight training because you will be constantly forcing your muscle fibers to adapt to heavier weights for bigger gains. . 2. Weightlifting may also help to strengthen the muscles of your core, those that support your spine, and other little muscles apart from the main muscle groups. Exercises like squats and deadlift are good examples of exercises that are of benefit to the entire body. 3. Weight training will burn fat at a high rate because it puts your body in an anabolic state that is conducive to fat burning. 4. Weight training also promotes fat-free body mass while decreasing sarcopenia that is when the lean muscle mass decreases with age. 5. It’s also easy to progressively overload your muscles when weight training. Cons: 1. In vase of beginners, there is a high risk of injury associated with weight training because of improper form and care. 2. You need to have access to at least a handful of heavy gym equipment especially if you are into weightlifting from years such as a power rack for your squats and deadlifts, some dumbbells, barbells. So, which one is best? Well, That depends on your end goal. Calisthenics is best when: • You are traveling constantly and you need a way to stay in shape and grow stronger. • You don’t have access to weights. • You’re solely interested in endurance and conditioning. Weight-Lifting is best when: • You want to build as much muscle as possible. • You want to become stronger in weight-lifting moves (like squats and deadlifts). Both methods work equally well when: • You want to lose fat • And get in shape So decide your end goal and plan accordingly. Have a safe Workout !! Dr. Aakash Bansal #Fittr #Bettr #Smarttr


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