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Burning Calories Isn't Enough

Fitness Myths
Let’s face it, everyone who frequents a gym regularly wants to look good and change their body image in some regard. The most effective and efficient way to do this is with strength training, building muscle in conjunction with losing body fat is going to give you that defined, “toned” look you’re after. Generally speaking, per unit time cardio is going to burn more calories than a strength training workout but the simple reduction of calories isn’t going to alter your body in any regard, you’ll simply get “skinny fat”, hit a plateau and most likely give up.

Strength training allows you to build muscle, recomposition your body and correct movement inefficiencies that could hinder future progress, for example. We all know a person who stands with their neck cranked forward, shoulders rolled in and upper traps that are harder and more pronounced than compressed diamonds, perhaps this person is staring at their phone screen right this second? Strength training allows you to correct this movement fault called an upper cross syndrome, powering away on an elliptical for an hour would do absolutely nothing in this regard. Moreover, simply weighing less than you do currently shouldn’t be your goal when beginning an exercise routine, yes the weight on the scale is an important metric of self-monitoring but it shouldn’t be the focus of which your entire training routine revolves, it can be a tool in your toolbox for potential future adjustments.

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how can break plateau ?

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