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Bulking period - "Misunderstood"

Bulking Period- "Misunderstood"

============================= Now you are lean!! Someone just advises you to go for a bulk and you yourself get excited about it as you know you need to put on some muscles. You started eating unaccounted and now you are fat and to go back to your earlier condition you have to lose and you are back to where you started, this is bulking gone wrong !! Most of the people think bulking periods as a time to binge as much they want and to train harder but in reality, it's much more and even difficult than losing phase. Bulking periods also requires calculated calories intake and hitting them regularly. You can include some of your favorite food by in some limited quantity only and here most of the people fail as its there favorite food they tend to overeat and often gain weight at a much faster pace they should have been. Secondly, it takes more time to build muscle than just losing fat.

Vineet Nayan

It’s not, there are people who struggle to gain weight. I will rephrase what you said, it’s easy to get in bad health and difficult to get in good. That goes with everything in life, easy to spend hard to earn and many more...

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