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Do you miss Hotel - Buffet Morning Breakfast just because you’re on a diet?

Would you ever avoid the morning buffet breakfast at a good hotel? It's not always easy to stay consistent with your meal plans. Maybe you're socializing with friends, maybe you're just having to eat dinner with your colleagues, or maybe you're on your much-awaited cheat day! Either way, if you end up having to eat a buffet, there are many ways to restrict the number of calories you consume. First off, make sure that you start your meal with as much protein and vegetables as possible. When you begin to look for dishes that will be going on your plate - start with salads and green leafy vegetables along with some good protein sources. Try to make this at least one-third of the food you consume for this buffet meal. When you think you've consumed enough vegetables and protein, move on to carbs. This is the time to fulfill all your cravings. But don't go overboard! Have a try at everything you want, but also make sure to keep it moderate. Remind yourself that you do not want to ruin your progress over just one meal because it’s easy to over-eat carbs since carbs are bae, you see? :D When you are done with both the vegetables, protein and the carbs part of the meal, pause for a second and think to yourself: Do I need more at all? Do I have an irresistible craving for dessert? If so, it's OK to indulge a little and satisfy your sweet tooth. But remember to keep it light and not eat in excess. You'll be regretting it the day after! It’s all about the overall caloric intake at the end of the day – Remember that. Finally, if you know you consumed more calories than you should have, skip lunch. Have a light snack followed by a dinner. Feel free and amazing to self-regulate with a killer workout! Try to be more physically active throughout. Be smart.

Mahima Bajpai

Very good article. I think I eat very well (As per my macros) when I go for a buffet dinner or breakfast. I order the saute veggies as per my choice, I tell them about how much butter to be used, they easily serve. Plus there is a variety of salads clear soup etc, Some hotel even serve sugar free sweets on request, that can be taken in moderation 😃😃

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