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BUDGETING YOUR CALORIES - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What if I told you that dieting is closely similar to shopping ??

Some of you would call me crazy but yes some of you may get curious ?? I will spill the beans and explain you the Why behind it . What is the most important thing when it comes to shopping? - “ A Budget “ A Budget of your requirements within the given limit of expense . Now what we do with this shopping budget . We buy our requirements which are mainly two kinds 1. Necessities 2. Luxuries What if if we tell ourselves that our daily calories or weekly calorie intake is also like a budget. Yes!! You got it right A daily calorie budget ( is dieting ) “Dieting is simply budgeting your calories” Consider a common scenario of grocery shopping. You are given a sum of 1500₹ to buy groceries for yourself. Now,Let us see if you are a smart spender or just an impulsive buyer. A smart spender will always try to get the maximum commodities in the given amount of expense(budget). He/She will buy the necessities first and spend the rest on luxuries. While the impulsive buyer won’t think much and spend a huge fraction of his expense(budget) on luxuries. What happens then? The smart spender completes his/her shopping with a satisfaction and relief The impulsive buyer comes back home with regrets and restless mind. Coming to dieting , where your daily calorie is the budget. Example :- A budget of 1700 cal/day What are your requirements again ? Necessities - 1. Protein intake 2. Satiety 3. Fibers Luxuries - 1. Favouraite food 2. Cravings How would you spend every single calories then? First on necessities 1)Protein intake- Plays most important role for a better body composition, muscle growth and strength gains 2)Satiety - Foods that keep you fuller for a longer time and keep the hunger pangs away. This is called satiating foods like like poultry/ fish/whole grains/breads etc Also unprocessed food 3)Fibers - Foods which are rich in fibers help us avoid troubles like constipation and indirectly plays an important role in any diet Now, you can have some or a small fraction of your calories left for the luxuries I mentioned such as 1)The food you crave for 2)Things that adds up to the taste Dressings and toppings ( every gram counts) While you do this ,Fit their calorie values in your diet and track evry gram of it Thus, You can spend your calories wisely between your necessary foods and your cravings to accomplish a successful day or a successful week of dieting. Prepare a diet which you can sustain and which you can stick to. Don’t be miserable !! Note : Processed food or the food that you like for the taste of it may certainly be addictive. They are also not satiating and may leave you hungry. Exceeding your calorie budget will again turn against your dieting goals Be wise with your choices because at the end you have to focus more on your goal rather than your comfort. Happy dieting !!

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