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Exercise Science
Physique athletes and body image issues.

_____________________________________________ If you are somebody who has competed in a bodybuilding competition or planning to compete or getting ready for a photoshoot, then this post is for you. Bodybuilding is not like any other sport. Here you don’t get judge on how you play or how you perform. Here you get judged on how you look and how you pose. You diet down to uncomfortable body fat percentage so that somebody out there can look at you and tell how you look. In such cases there are chances that people’s feedback may affect you a lot. Not only it costs you your personal life, but it also affects your social and professional life up to some extent. You diet for weeks and months. You train as hard as you can. You starve yourself to see your best version and when you get to know that you don’t look as good as you need to be the champion, there are chances that it may affect your self-confidence. But, Hey! You know, you are already a winner. You have proved your discipline and hard work to yourself and you know what you are capable of doing. Now keep reading. Bodybuilding athletes are more prone towards body image issues and this also pushes them towards building a bad relationship with food. They need to know how to handle it. Understand this, you are not going to look as lean and sharp as your peak day throughout the year. That’s not possible. You are being judged on your physique on that particular day. Do not confuse your true self with your stage image, they two are different thing. Post contest you are going to put on some mass and that’s fine. Doesn’t matter whether you win, or you don’t be proud of yourself. Be grateful and proud of what your body can achieve, and you have done. Never let one incident decide your self worth. Your mental health is as important as how you look.
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