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Body Weight Training

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The ‘Lockdown’ announced in our country in March 2020 left the fitness regulars disheartened with the loss of their access to the gyms. While this was an exceptional case, we also often face situations in the normal course of life where we do not have access to a well-equipped fitness facility. We might be short of time, busy with work, or might be travelling.

During such scenarios, the best we can do is use body weight as a tool to perform resistance training. The art of using one’s own body weight is also known as Calisthenics. All you need to do is cover all the functional movements in order to target each of your major muscle groups effectively. Some of the exercises you can perform using bodyweight are as follows - Vertical Pull - Pull-ups and Chin-ups Vertical Push - Pike Pushups, Wall supported Pushups Horizontal Pull - Inverted Rows Horizontal Push - Pushups, Hindu Pushups Hip Hinge - Single-Leg RDL and Glute Bridges Lower Body Push - Bodyweight squats and Bodyweight sumo squats If you are too skilful to get exhausted by the above workouts, then you can try progressing with the following: -Switch to unilateral movements (Single-arm pushups, Pistol Squats, one-arm pull-ups). -Slowing down movements/Increase TUT (Taking 3-5 seconds in performing each rep). -Taking shorter rest periods Content by Praveen Budhrani Content by @ pExample -andsquats back to

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