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BODY COMPOSITION- Does it happen?

The difference in the pictures of left and right is not in the kilos, but the way body felts and behaves.

Left: • Endless hours of cardio; • Knee issues, • No concept or idea of protein in diet; • Belief in healthy eating which meant healthy options are good and are calorie free: • Boiled vegetables, fruits and more fruits, no fat or oil; • Easy frustration as diet was not enjoyable  • In addition, mirror and weighing scale will not make one happy with the proportions! Right:  Quantified nutrition: right proportion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.  Health issues gone.  Better relationship with food, understanding the importance of all macronutrient, specifically protein.  Healthy food is not equal to calorie friendly food.  Weight training for each body part weekly distributed evenly.  Happy with the way one looks, and the confidence that radiates. Here is the deal; cardio is not bad, but endless hours of doing it is not good for health. Why? Because cardio does not burn fat like weight training or resistance training, in weight training, post workout resting time calorie burn is more in resistance training than cardio. So say, you do cardio and burn X amount of calories. You do resistance training and burn X no. of calories, but, when you are done with workout and sitting at home, say up to 30 hours or more sometimes, with cardio it’s still X calories, and with weight training its X+1 calories. Where X+1>X Please note here, that TEF of food, metabolism, age, existing medical conditions, lifestyle and a varied other factors matter here. I am just trying to explain how weight training changes the perspective of fitness as a whole in between these two pictures. Also food wise, if any individual relying so much on fruits and boiled vegetables, and chewing bland salads all day, that food he or she was eating were not enjoyable, they may can constantly dream of cheating with meals, with very few energy left in body, and drained and tired at the end of the day. body does not recover rightly, and as the ratio of macronutrients are not right, there may be a chance of many deficiencies that further slows down the way for a healthy self, Fittr and stronger self. Have you taken charge of your health yet?

shweta Sharma

well explained. indeed an eye opener.

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