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========================== There is a lot of confusion between BCA and BMI, some people consider them same or some find BMI as a way to track fitness. Let's clear all these doubts Body mass index is a person’s weight in kilogram(kg) divided by his or her height in meters squared. It “supposedly” gives a reference range for healthy and malnutrition persons.Body Composition analysis gives a different parameter of weight like body fat, water level, and muscle mass. The limitation of body mass index is it does not take into account the body fat percentage and muscle mass of the person. Forex if someone falls in the fit category according to BMI index, it's not necessary he has an optimal fat percentage and muscle mass. So next time don't just target optimal BMI rather target optimal body composition (less fat, more muscle mass) Body composition analysis overcomes the above limitation of body mass index but it has its own limitation of not being accurate enough. It can show completely different values based on the water level of the person. The best way to get comparable values from body composition analysis test is to perform this test empty stomach every time

Kaveeta Aneraao

When I did my BMI on machine it was showing my fat% is 54% and when I calculated on fttr it is 27.21% , how it is that much of huge difference?

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