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Binge Cycle

Food and your body. Tired of binging and constantly worried about how you look? I have something for you. Just keep reading. You try your best and start dieting but after few days you start binging on food. You binge on food because you restrict your food too much. You restrict your food too much because you are not accepting your body. You are not accepting your body because you are too much concerned about how others see you. That's the reason you are trying to achieve that dream body which fits in their standard overnight. And you are in so hurry to achieve it that you trade off your own mental peace. You think when will I lose weight or gain muscles. Why is it taking so much time to transform. Understand this, if you don't accept yourself and keep rejecting , how can you expect someone else to accept you. Imagine you are an employee of a company and your supervisor or manager is looking to delegate some responsibility to you. If you don’t believe that you are capable of completing that task, do you think that he or she will believe on you? No, right. So first step to fix it is acceptance. Accept yourself. Be proud of who you are and what you are doing. Remember ‘Thor' from 'Avengers Endgame’? Remember how he thought he was not worthy of things? But in reality he was, right? So are you. Just because you are in certain state of mind, that doesn’t mean you are any less worthy. Don't restrict yourself too much. Eat enough food. Stop treating food as a tool to control what you don't like about your body. Understand what others see and how you actually look are two different things. Do it for you. Do it for the people whom you love. Do it because you want to take care of yourself and take care of them. No matter how good you look, different people have different opinions about you and that’s not your concern. Instead of trying to change their opinion, start changing your own mindset. Accept what's the fact. Accept yourself. Work hard to change yourself into a better version. Take care of your mental health and enjoy the pace. Because that's how your body works. You body needs time and so do you. You deserve peace. You deserve love. If no one has said this to you, I'm saying it. I love you.


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