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Following well-structured diet and workout plan? Still not losing weight? Reasons are well known but we don’t consider them!!!!

Tea, coffee!!! Yes, you read it well.they are the culprits. while having tea or coffee, We simply say, “CHAI SE KYA HOGA” and if there are some snacks along, it is an “ICING ON THE CAKE”.These are a kind of beverages that are so ingrained in our lifestyles that, if we don’t have tea or coffee a day, we consider our day unfinished or like there’s something missing. our constant evasion of social events (and choosing Netflix and hot coffee or tea instead) is proof that most of us hibernate like bears in our cosy beds and homes during winters. And "We tend to consume approximately 200 additional calories per day in a way of tea and coffees with snacks.” Weight loss is going to be much harder if you’re tempted by these sorts of snacks every time you grab a cuppa. We don’t find these beverages as a contributor to weight gain but These have milk and sugar in them that do result in weight gain. Apart from this we also tend to accompany these with biscuits and namkeens which goes beyond limits. though we opt. for the biscuits with high fiber oats biscuits, Sugar free biscuits, but are the question is!!! ARE THEY REALLY HEALTHY? We need to realize here that even a single biscuit or a single spoon of any snack out of our structured plan adds up to 30-40 calories. Presently, you can envision how much calories a cream biscuit or a treat will have. Then again, a wide range of treats, bread rolls, rusk, are made of heating powder, sugar, salt, and vegetable oil. We frequently carelessly pig out on to numerous scones inside a range of 5 minutes while we are having our tea. Result – We expend such a large number of calories. These unfilled calories don't give us a sentiment of totality as they are not stuffed with any nutrients. Knowing that tea and biscuits are extremely addicting one can substitute these with other options or add them in your plan, COUNTING THEIR CALORIES TOO is equally important. When it comes to tea or coffee, ditch the sugar and snacks, count the calories of milk.


Lets say, I go out with friends for coffee and of course I have a cup of it without sugar. Is that okay to consume it this way?

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