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** BEST WORKOUT ** ================

Exercise Science
Any workout routine will give you good results, if you are consistent and dedicated with your hard work. ✅

However, I have discussed few basic points you should consider while choosing any particular workout routine 1) Time Commit only to a doable number of days or time for workout and then stick to it consistently. 2) Setup Choose a Setup according to the availability or limitations to the exercise equipment.Be smart with exercise selection 3) Load Lift any weight that you think , is comfortable or slightly challenging for you. 4) Rep Range Any rep range is good (Avoid junk volume by adding unnecessary higher no of reps) 5) Muscle groups Hit every muscle for a proportionate growth of your physique. Proportion is valuable to aesthetics and also you shouldn’t have a weak body part. ( Don’t just do your favourite exercises like a Bicep curl everyday) You muscles also need a recovery time and that is why You must prioritise rest days also. 😎

Shailendra sahu

hi siddharth sir I want to reduce my weight 10 kg plz share

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